Posted by: S.Hofmeister | January 19, 2011

Bad: What hippies do with babies

(full, original video can be watched here and I’m afraid it’s real)

What totally confuses me about this is how this baby-spinning hippy got started?

At what point do you think to yourself “Might just spin that baby about by its arms for a bit.”?

How do you know that the baby’s shoulders wont dislocate? Or that it’s not doing any long-term damage?

A similar question was asked of Lena Fokina (the baby-spinner) in an interview after this video went viral:

Interviewer: I have two small children and I was, you know, careful with them when they were newborns. So it was hard for me to watch your video. It looks like it has to injure the child. Their hands? The cartilage in the joints? Their brains?
Lena: No. It makes the hands stronger.

She seems to have conveniently chosen not mention the potential cartilage and brain damage and focused on the hands…the very important hands. I wasn’t aware that it was particularly important for a baby to have strong hands. They pick enough dangerous stuff up as it is with their naturally weak hands. Surely last thing a parent wants to have to worry about is their baby picking up pickaxes and handling timber?

“Well we’d love to go out more often and feel safe leaving the baby with a sitter but to be honest we’ve been swinging the poor bugger about a bit too much and now his hands are abnormally strong. Last week he strangled the dog and we’re not sure what else he’s capable of.”

Here she is dual wielding:


They look like kebab meat


As much as I think this is new-age bollocks…I kind of want to try it.

If someone wants to loan me a baby then sling (and I do mean ‘sling’ – it’ll be good for its hands) one over.



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