Posted by: S.Hofmeister | December 23, 2010

Good: What is Christmas?

A common question we all hear at this time of year is ‘Are you feeling Christmassy?’

Well, Christmas is defined by many different things for many different people.

Some people feel christmassy when they see the first few flakes of snow. For others it’s a fat turkey with all the trimmings. Others are filled with Christmas spirit in front of a warm open fire. Perhaps the smell of chestnuts roasting on a street vendor’s stall is more your thing or fat homeless looking men in red dressing gowns.

I was out doing some last-minute christmas shopping after work tonight and it suddenly occurred to me that none of those things define Christmas for me.

For me, I know it’s christmas when I see this:

The annual (obviously) Cliff Richard Calendar.

Sadly that picture is a bit blurry, probably because my hand was trembling as I had my epiphany AND because I wasn’t entirely sure if taking photos of products in shops is legal/frowned upon/just weird.

Here’s a closer look at some of these phenomenal pictures:

In the third one down he looks like he’s actually mental in the head and waiting for someone to dress him and/or wipe his chin.


Stupid virgin.

Anyway now that I have seen the 2011 Cliff Richard Calendar in the shops I am hofficially (sorry) feeling Christmassy.




  1. Chilling. I find him so terrifying, I can’t help but imagine he’s hiding some dark secret; like Swayze’s character in Donnie Darko. Also the penultimate photo disturbed me – it took me a moment but I realised it was because he reminds me of the Samiad *shudders* If you never saw it as a child here’s proof: samiad/jennywheeler24/samiad.jpg

  2. Cliff’s face is just FINE thank you!

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