Posted by: S.Hofmeister | October 18, 2010

Good: MagicBoyTV

MagicBoyTV is a YouTube channel set up by a very good friend of mine, Mr. Ben Hanlin.

Not only is he a good friend he is also someone I have a huge amount of respect for because one day he decided to do what a lot of us would probably love to do if we had the guts/motivation/self belief required to do it. He threw up a big middle finger to his 9 to 5 office job and set out to turn his hobby (magic) into a career.

He recently conducted  social media experiment to use Facebook and Twitter to find a celebrity, picked at random, and perform a trick to them within 3 days.

I’ll let the video do the talking but remember as you watch this that Ben Hanlin is not just another magician, he’s someone who, rather than sitting on his arse thinking ‘how cool would it be if I did that?!’, is actually out there doing it and I for one find that very inspiring.

Well done mate 🙂

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