Posted by: S.Hofmeister | June 10, 2010

Bad: Those penguins are NOT playing football!

In preparation for the World Cup some South Koreans have dressed some penguins up in national kits and plonked them on a mini football pitch…of course they have. Why wouldn’t they?

Obviously I get why they did this but those penguins are definitely not ‘playing football’ in the same way that if you dress penguins in World War 2 army uniforms and place them on a miniature Somme they’re not then re-enacting the battle of the Somme.

Or if you dress a load of penguins in tuxedos (which is actually pretty pointless if you think about it), lay instruments in front of them and put one of them at the front, facing the rest with a stick – that penguin is not conducting a penguin orchestra.

They haven’t got a bloody clue what’s going on. They’re bumbling around looking completely lost and every now and again accidentally knocking into the ball. That’s enough about South Korea’s national team though (wheeeeeey), let’s have a look at those penguins shall we?



  1. You’re right, they’re awful. I saw at least 3 handballs in there AND I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to just climb over and sit on the ball.

    I do love how they literally couldn’t be any less interested in the football though.
    Nothing like a bit of animal cruelty to build up to the world cup.

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