Posted by: S.Hofmeister | May 25, 2010

Bad: The 2012 Olympic Mascocks

Oh good, as if the logo wasn’t embarassing enough:

Presumably the ‘designer’ was told that the 2012 Olympics were going to be redesigned to only include the games ‘Retreiving Food from Hot Ovens’ and ‘The 100m Waddle’.

“Shall we give them faces?”

“Nah Fuck it, we’ve wasted half an hour on them as it is. Just stick a black dot in the middle of their heads, we’ll claim it’s an eye and feed the board some bullshit about ‘focus’. Let’s go have a beer.”

At least they have catchy names though…oh wait no they’re called ‘Wenlock’ and ‘Mandeville’, named after characters from Willow.

I can only hope that Paul and Barry chuckle are inside the cotumes to give these cycloptic Power-Rangers-bad-guy rejects at least some credibility!

If The Chuckle Brothers burst out of the Olympic Mascot costumes at the opening ceremony and did this:

It would be the best…Olympics…ever!


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