Posted by: S.Hofmeister | May 19, 2010

Bad: David Ginola IS BACK!

I used to think that the adverts at the side of Facebook were incredibly well targeted.

Until I saw this:

What on earth is that all about? I’m sure there’s no mention of Mr. Ginola on my profile.

I didn’t even know he’d gone anywhere let alone that he’s come back from wherever it was.

Naturally I was curious so I visited (OK it wasn’t well targeted but it was bizarre enough to capture my attention)- apparently David Ginola is somehow synonymous with computer memory?

Soooooooooo you had a digital camera 5 years ago aaaaand something about charity? Of course, perfectly valid reason for working with a computer memory retailer.

Also they’ve engineered one of the worst ‘Spot the Ball’ competitions I’ve ever seen:

There it is

there it is

there it is

it’s there bouncing on his foot

there it is

there it is

there it is

There wasn’t one point during that video that I couldn’t spot the ball.


…and that’s Hofficial (I’m toying with a catchphrase – it won’t last)


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