Posted by: S.Hofmeister | April 15, 2010

Good: Digsby

Oh god I’ve got to open up yet another tab to log in to yet another social media account I use to keep people up to date with all of the mundane things that go on in my life.

On top of that I’ve got to check my Hotmail, Yahoo AND Gmail account just incase i’ve received an email which isn’t from a penis enlargement company, the heir to the throne of a dead African king who needs me to hold on to a few million quid for him, a newsletter I signed up to once in order to get something for free or several job sites who still send me ‘perfect’ job matches completely unrelated to my original search criteria because I couldn’t be bothered to un-subscribe when I got a job 3 years ago.

Or do I…

…not according to Digsby the social media pear guy.

He consolidates all of your media whoring into one manageable program – check him out here

He’s made it all so efficient I’m finding it very difficult to procrastinate!


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