Posted by: S.Hofmeister | April 3, 2010

Good: Mitchell Mates with Meat Magnate

A police raid on the home of EastEnders star Steve McFadden was meant to turn up a stash of guns… but all the Scotland Yard officers found was the actor’s porn star mate.

Call me a cynic but what’s almost definitely happened here is that Omar’s DVD sales have hit a slump, Steve owes him a favour for getting him into some porn star parties so he gets someone to tip off the police with a ruse about there being guns in his home because that’s what people expect of him anyway. The police have burst in, lo and behold there are no guns but this guy just happens to be there:

(I had to sift through a lot of mentally disturbing imagery to even get a picture with his face in…let alone JUST his face)

The headline

Eastenders star doesn’t have guns despite the fact that it would have been appropriate if he did given the character he plays in the programme

isn’t newsworthy (or a very good headline to be fair) but the fact that there was a porn star in his home somehow is and……


Big Omar gets a plug in all the national papers, sales of ‘Muffy the Vampire Slayer’ go through the roof and Steve Mcfadden’s reputation remains intact whilst cementing the fact that the character he plays on Eastenders is hard which is why someone might presume he has guns in the first place.

Well done chaps…well done.


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