Posted by: S.Hofmeister | April 2, 2010

Bad: Peadophiles…what wont they try?

This gentleman, and I use the term very loosely indeed, decided that if he threatened to feed a baby bird to a snake then some 13-year-old girls would show him their meat pillows on chatroulette.

That has to be the result of some paedophile, child ensnaring technique, brain storming session at one of the general meetings paedophiles definitely have?

Riiiight next on the agenda is…ah, yes, the snake thing we discussed last week. Andrew, did that work for you at all? No? Hmm ok it’s over to Barry then who’s going  threaten to feed a chipmunk to a crocodile. Barry if you could let us know how you got on with that next week that would be great.

The following animated gif is not for the faint hearted, animal lovers…turn away now. paedophiles… leave my blog, there’s nothing for you here.

What ever happened to lingering by the swings and handing out sweets?


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