Posted by: S.Hofmeister | March 24, 2010

Good: Got Woods?

“Awwwwww but I could have been next!”

Those were the words muttered by many a PVC clad demi-whore as they read the news that Tiger Woods’ sexploits were out in the open (not the golf tournament).

Well don’t worry if you missed out on a generous helping of Tiger’s wood my pretties. Someone’s only gone and exploited the shamed clubsman’s well travelled manhood in the name of sexual gratification!

Presumably it has beaten off fierce competition from the likes of ‘The Dick Faldo Love Swinger’ and ‘BJ Singh’ to be crowned the “Number 1 Golf Love Doll”?

So if you like a bit of rough then pick one up now, grip his shaft tightly and he’ll be driving a couple of balls between your bunkers before you know it!



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