Posted by: S.Hofmeister | March 24, 2010

Bad: The Twildo

At the risk of making this blog all about sex toys

…what in the name of Toby Elles’ Religio-Pan is this?!

Not the best product demonstration I’ve ever seen.

It’s called the ‘Vamp’ but it should definitely be called the ‘Twildo’, no?

Essentially if you love Twilight so much that you want to be ploughed by a vampire (as we all know, their cocks are the same as us humans’…but sparkly!)…well…you can be! YAY for you, you odd, lonely individual.

Apparently it’s modelled on the one sprouting from Edward Cullen’s forehead.



  1. Excellent work Hoff – There are many things that bother me the most about this, but the video has left me asking one question. Why such menacing music – surely this glittery portable device is supposed to evoke feelings of pleasure and desire instead we’re left with a Casio Hammer Horror nightmare. Chilling.

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