Posted by: S.Hofmeister | March 18, 2010

Bad: Dancing on…Wheels?

Let’s remind disabled people of what they can’t do as well as able-bodied people as a direct result of their disability…BUT WITH CELEBRITIES

Sorry Mrs Small, you didn’t quite make it on to Strictly Come Dancing this year, however…

It’s OK because any real dancer knows that it’s all in the arms and shoulders anyway.

Also, could it be any less degrading to be kicked (rolled?) off of this programme? It’s basically like saying:

“I’m afraid you’re the worst at going forwards, going backwards and spinning around a bit”

The clapping comes across as patronising as well…

…can’t wait for ‘Dancing on Wheels on Ice’, it’s the next logical step (roll?).



  1. Dancing on Wheels on Ice has the potential to go horrifcally wrong…seriously, people could die.

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